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The Unbreakable...Jen Lee

Jen overcame a traumatic motorcycle accident in which he ultimately lost his leg above the knee. He went on to continue active duty in the U.S. Army, qualify for the U.S. Paralympic Sled Hockey Team and win the Gold Medal in Sochi.

The Unbreakable...Sheila Aymes

Sheila lost her lower right arm due to complications from lupus. She is learning to use her new prosthetic arm, and has a strong support system in her husband, Gary, their family, and church community.

The Unbreakable...Janet Meyers

Janet is a double-below-knee amputee who lost her legs and some of her fingers when she suddenly became sick and suffered from sepsis. Coming back from the brink of death, Janet is a fighter who has moved forward, learned to walk, drive, and even ski with her two prosthetic legs!

The Unbreakable…Kathie & David Braunstein

Many of us have been fortunate to have one or more people in our lives who have been our caregivers: spouses, parents, friends, neighbors, children. We lean on them for different needs, and we couldn’t exist without them. This is the story of Kathie and her caregiver and husband, David – a love story. 


The Unbreakable...Olga Olmos

Olga was a 48-year old, bilateral below-knee amputee from Floresville, Texas. She lost her legs and parts of fingers due to complications from diabetes. She was one of 18 children, born and raised on the west side of San Antonio. 

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