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Meet Our Board Members

Mona Patel

At the age of 17, while walking on my college campus, I was struck a few times by a drunk driver. I underwent over 20 limb salvage surgeries before deciding on an elective right below-knee amputation.

Executive Director and Founder, Amputee since 1997

Tom Brady

My amputation was due contracting a staph infection of unknown origin in my ankle.  It then progressed into necrotizing fasciitis up my leg.

Treasurer, Amputee since 2008

Yvonne Llanes

I lost my legs in 2005 after being hit by a car in which the driver was high on meth. Both my legs were severed on impact above the knees. I underwent multiple surgeries to initially save my life and then to save the remainder of what was left of my limbs. I sat in a wheelchair for 9 years before deciding it was time to get up and start living life. There has been no turning back since. 

Secretary, Amputee since 2005

Tom Allred

Tom was born with some knee issues and endured many years of surgeries in an attempt to salvage his natural legs.  At the age of 12 he and his family ultimately elected to have the problem knees and lower legs removed through knee disarticulation.  That choice turned out to be an excellent one and he went on to live a full and robust life.

Member at Large, Amputee since 1961

Gordon Luedke

In December 2015, a series of health complications led to the amputation of my leg below the knee due to Charcot. I received my first prosthesis in April 2016. I'm a retired registered nurse and help the Foundation by providing medical assessments for applicants for Foundation services. I'm also the Team Captain for the Full Metal Racquets, SAAF's standing adaptive tennis team.

Member at Large, Amputee since 2015

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