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Yvonne Llanes

I am a retired assistant principal and worked in the elementary school setting for many years as both a teacher and an administrator. I was born in Kenedy, Texas but have lived in several different cities due to being part of a military family. I became a double above knee amputee in 2005 and struggled with my limitations for many years. After attending a boot camp in 2015 specializing in helping double AK's become more mobile, I made it a goal of mine to face my challenges and get out of my wheelchair. I haven't looked back since then and am now a full-time prosthetic user. I have had so much support from both the amputee community and the general community, and in turn, am eager to help and support others who may be dealing with their own obstacles and challenges.


My husband and I have 5 children, and I totally enjoy my time with my family. I am very fond of exercising, jewelry making, and movie watching. I also enjoy collecting athletic shoes, which I now put to excessive use!! I am so happy to be living my life to the fullest!!

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