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Hi, I'm Jax. For my birthday, please donate to the San Antonio Amputee Foundation.

This September, Jax will turn eight years old.  After watching the movie Soul Surfer,  the true story of Bethany Hamilton who lost her arm to a shark attack, Jax was inspired to help amputees. He also became acquainted with Mona Patel through a family friend and watched and supported her as a top ten finalist on the TV special, CNN Heros: Everyday People Changing the World.


Instead of receiving gifts for his birthday, Jax wants to give to help others and asks you to donate to the San Antonio Amputee Foundation.


His Mom, Jaime, says "Jax has always been a clear leader practically from birth, interested in politics, loves his country beyond his years of understanding, appreciates nature, loves animals, and is a helper through and through. When given an opportunity he wants to help others, opening doors for people with their arms full, pulling weeds in neighbors yards, and helping anytime an adult will allow."


Last year for his birthday, he raised $650 for charity; this year, with your help, Jax hopes to raise so much more.

"I want to help someone walk or grab things again so they can reach their dreams." - Jax
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