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Searches by topic, type of amputation, age group, caretaker resources and information for new amputees too.

A break down of the amputation and care from incision to prosthetic care.

A break down of the amputation and care from incision to prosthetic care.

Subsidized Prosthetic Devices

For those who qualify:

Summary of ADA law in  jobs, schools, transportation, all public and private places that are open to the public.

With Amputee Coalition sharing thoughts, feelings, wisdom, fears and triumphs are just a 'click' away.

A full list of support groups in the U.S. to help you find one near you. Support groups in the San Antonio area include:

  • San Antonio Amputee Foundation Support Group ( Meets 2nd Saturday of each month, 10 am, Warm Springs Rehab Hospital, 5101 Medical Drive, San Antonio)

  • SAAF Upper Extremity Amputee Support Group (Meets 1st Saturday of even numbered months, 10 am, Warm Springs Rehab Hospital, 5101 Medical Drive, San Antonio)

  • Get Your Limb On (430 FM 306, New Braunfels, TX 78130, 830-433-9188,

Helping Hands provides emphasis on ability of upper extremity youth and encouragement via family networks.

Any Baby Can provides support through counseling for family members and referrals to local non-profits.

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The Odd Shoe Finder lets you search an inventory of single shoes.

Amplitude Media Group provides links on financial aid, adaptive sports, health assessments, job searches, and much more.

Easter Seals assists in buying or renting refurbished computers for the disabled user.

Specifically to provide college scholarships for people diagnosed with cancer.

Project Mend is a local program that rents and helps pay for medical equipment and assistive technology

Find which discount health care and prescription benefits you're eligible for after a few quick questions.

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Submit an application for access to shuttle pick-ups, free service to medical appointments and subsidized taxi.

Most automotive manufacturers offer rebate assistance to customers when they purchase mobility equipment.

Information on sales tax exemptions, motor vehicle tax exemptions and more. Vehicles are tax exempt if they are modified for operation by, transportation of, people with orthopedic disabilities.

Useful information and helpful hints for travelers with disabilities.

Transportation Security Administration information and special procedures for travelers with disabilities.

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Jan answers frequently asked questions about accommodations, laws, and links to start your job search.

The premier job search website for people with disabilities.

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A calendar with adaptive soccer, basketball and sit volleyball. Those requiring special equipment are provided.

Amputee sports mostly for veterans/active duty but there are some real gems open to everyone if you look.

NABA provides training in a safe and fun environment to box for physical fitness or to compete.

Golfing competitions and Clinics for the beginner to advanced player

Extremity Games awards prizes for cross country biking, skateboarding, kayaking, and wakeboarding to name a few.

Challenged Athletes Foundation: a financial resource for competitive adaptive sport equipment and traveling/training expenses.

Never Say Never sponsors young disabled athletes in a multitude of sports, including extreme sports and seeks funding to allow youth and young adults with disabilities to attend camps, sporting events and to get the prosthetics or other tools they need to thrive.

No Barriers Youth provides transformative journeys for school groups (students and educators), primarily middle and high school. Trips can accommodate people with disabilities.

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